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beautiful dress

beautiful dress

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Event

It can be a bit confusing when it comes to figuring out what to wear on special occasions like birthday parties, weddings, receptions etc. especially when some events become more casual. There are a lot of occasions to attend every day and what you need to choose is your beautiful dress. What you wear depends upon other factors too like the theme party that you’re going to attend that has a dress code, there you get stuck to choose what to wear.

There are certain events that occurs on which you choose your dress that you like to wear:

  1. Casual Event
  2. Formal Event
  3. Professional Event
  1. Casual Events

Casual events can sometimes be tricky when it comes to fashion sense. Casual events can sometimes depend upon the casual dress code. When choosing a dress for your casual event you should go for formal glam and your comfy wear. The casual events occur on a day to day basis and these are: Casual weddings, Bridal or Baby shower, Family get-together etc.

  1. Formal Events

Formal Events can be a little more perspective about their dress code. Sometimes you need to wear a tie as requested by the event owners. You still need to choose the perfect dress that suits the celebration. Formal events include religious ceremony, wedding or charity, cocktail, engagement and wedding events, dinner party etc. 

  1. Professional Functions

Work wear has undergone a bit of a transformation since last year, we appreciate jobs like work from home. The professional functions that occur on a daily basis are Job Interview, Business Dinner, Work Party. You have the option to choose your beautiful dress for the professional functions.


You get to choose the dress you want to wear on the occasion, the more beautiful your dress is the more amazing you are going to look. If you still want to see more pictures about the dress visit https://karnygrewalphotography.com/blog/